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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I expect when I arrive at a shoot? 

To have fun! Once you arrive at your shoot we'll have a quick chat and get straight into it. It's my job to make you feel comfortable and at ease. More information about what to expect on your shoot day will be provided once you have booked. 

2.  Are all of your packages digital only?

Yes, however they are so much more than just digital images. All packages include a session fee (my time to shoot), styling advice, an optional free keepsake plaque, and your digital images in an online gallery. 

3. What about prints?

Printing can be done at your convenience once you download the digital files. Printing options directly from me will be available in the near future. 

4. Do you include every image taken from the shoot in the online gallery? 

No. As a professional photographer, it's my job to cull and remove any images that are not suitable i.e. eyes closed, blurry, duplicates etc. You will get a wide range of shots to choose from however the initial culling will be done by me. 

5. Can I purchase all the raw files from the shoot. 

No. As a photographer these are not a true and accurate representation of my work and therefore RAW files will never been provided under any circumstances. 

6. What if I want more images than included in the package I pay for?

No problem. You will have access to a beautiful online gallery to review the shoot. These images will be watermarked and low resolution. You will be able to favourite the images you'd like from the session and if these exceed the amount in the package then they will be added to your cart for an additional fee. All final images will then be given to you for high resolution download (no watermark). 

7. What do I wear?

Neutrals, neutrals, nuetrals! Please avoid bold patterns and logos as they do not photograph well. In summer, it's best to go with light colours, creams and pastels. In autumn and winter, there are a range of beautiful knits and other textures, colours of maroons, browns etc that photograph beautifully in our local settings. View the gallery for some inspo. 


8. Do you offer a client wardrobe?

Coming soon! For now I have partnered with Mama Rentals who have a beautiful range catering to women and children. Take the stress out of thinking what to wear. Mama Rentals has something for everyone! 

If you book a session with me you will receive discounted hire. Once your session has been booked I will send you a discount code. Visit or see our gallery to view some of the dresses.

9. I am not photogenic, how will I know what to do?

My goal is to make you feel comfortable. While my style of photography is candid, I will prompt you in certain scenarios to ensure we get a wide range of shots. Outside of that, I really just want to see you interact with your family and/or loved ones and pretend I am not there. Lots of chasing, ticking, giggles and games! That's where the magic is. 

10. Do I need to pay to book?

Yes, I require a retainer to book your shoot. No dates will be held unless a retainer is paid. Retainers are not refundable. 

11. What if we need to reschedule?

There are some things that I cannot control. The main one being weather. I will make a call on the weather even up until the day of the session and reserve the right to reschedule. I want you to be comfortable and safe. If you or someone attending is sick please let me know as soon as possible, preferably at least 24 hours before the shoot date. 

12. Do I need to pay in full before the shoot or when I receive my client gallery?

Full payment is required before the shoot date. You will pay a retainer at the time of booking and the balance one week prior to your shoot date. If the payment has not been received, the shoot will not go ahead. There will be more information on this once you have booked. 

13. My kids never smile for the camera, how will this work?

I rarely ask for a smile from anyone during a session and this is especially so for your little ones. Instead, I work on building a rapport with them, bringing in some fun games and silly jokes. Lots of fun and animated vibes from me to get them involved. I truly love watching kids wander in a beautiful natural space, rather than posing them in an uncomfortable position that isn't a true reflection of them and your family. 

14. What happens after the shoot?

I start to work on your photos behind the scenes. I usually cull and start the editing process and pull out a few favourites to share a sneak peak on social media. The first online gallery will be available within 3-4 weeks and the final gallery with your chosen images within 6 weeks of the original shoot date. This final gallery is downloadable. If you order prints, there may be an additional lead time. 

15. What kind of editing do you do after a shoot. 

I work colours to suit the location and style of shoot, mostly. Very minor editing is done to appearance and under no circumstances will I photoshop major changes to anyone's appearance. 

16. Do you have a contract in place for your shoots?

Yes, absolutely. Every single shoot I do will require a contract to be read and signed by the client booking. This protects myself as a photographer and you as the client. 

Still have questions?

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